Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week 2013! Meet The Teacher

1.  This is my 11th year teaching and my tenth in my current school district.  I have taught both elementary and middle school special ed. I have had students in Kindergarten-8th grade.

2.  I taught at the same school I went to kindergarten at for my first job.  It is a huge school district and when I was given a choice of three schools to teach at I knew it would be an experience to go back. It is strange how different everything is when you are an adult :-).  There was only one teacher that I remember being there and she was the teacher of the other kindergarten section.

3. I went to Catholic schools for 16 years, but I am not Catholic.  It was an awesome experience looking back at the community feeling and service opportunities I had. I had 2 ex nuns while in school one at the public school I went to for kindergarten and another in 4th grade. Some of my favorite teachers and the ones who had a big impact on me were nuns.

4.  A few years ago I feel in love with running.  I have been on activity restriction all summer and I miss it so much!  I was hoping to be back to it after my appointment this morning, but the doctor wants me to stick to walking.  I am anxious and hopeful I will be able to get back out there again.  I have ran 30+ 5ks, completed 7 or so Triatholns, and ran 19 half marathons.

5.  I met my wonderful husband of 7 years while in high school.  We went to high schools in different states though :-).  We will have been dating 15 years this August.  We met online.

6. I have a slight obsession with office supplies.  I have more pens, markers, post it notes then anyone could ever possibly need.  I was working to organize them this afternoon and realized I really should not be doing anymore back to school shopping :-).

7. I coach color guard for a local high school.  I have been working with the color guard at my school district's rival school for 7 years.  It is a lot of fun because my husband oversees marching and maneuvering so we are able to spend many hours together.

8. I am a book worm.  I have read tons of books this summer for fun, for professional development, and for my classroom.  I love my Kindle. I did not know if I would like it or not, but having so many books to choose from and never being without a book is wonderful.

9.  I love to scrapbook and be crafty. I have a great group of friends that I am able to get away with a few times a year to scrapbook with.  I am a little sad that I have been on bed rest so much this summer that I do not have much to scrap.  I guess I will have to keep catching up on my old trips and fun activities.

10.  I am a geek.  I love technology and everything about it!  It is not uncommon for me to have my iphonemac book, and Kindle out.  I also sometimes have my iPad, Chromebook, and laptop from my classroom as well.  I am involved in assistive technology for my students.  Last year I took a risk and became a Digital Learning Coach for my building and I love it!  Once a month or so I help other teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms.  I am hoping to present for the first time outside of my school district this winter!