Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Show us your stuff...pile edition

I have school stuff all over it seems.  I am moving classrooms this year so I have tons of stuff piled in the hallway and on the cabinets in my new classroom. I will try to take pictures of that when I go in tomorrow.  I am also teaching summer school in another building in our district so a portion of my stuff is there as well.  I have stuff I wanted to work on in the trunk of my car, which is not unusual my trunk normally has teaching or scrapbooking stuff in it.  The rest of my piles, which are small this year due to the fact I can't carry anything over 10 pounds right now.  I have a pile of books and a pile of technology, since I could not leave it unattended.  I think I will show you the fun stuff though :-).

On Sunday I started back to school shopping at the stores with deals. My awesome husband drove me around and even bought stuff at one of our stops.  What did I get?

This would be my pile of folders and comp notebooks. I was excited to find plastic folders with fasteners.  I bought a bunch of lime green ones for homework folders.  These should last all year.  I bought a few comp books to use as math/reading journals.  I still need more but refuse to pay more than a quarter for these.  There are a few paper folders with fasteners as well.  The best part of this is the Expo markers and Sharpies.  Office Max was awful at first with their deals changing limits in store and not having everything in the ads.  Then at the register they told the two retired teachers I ran into from out of state who were shopping they could get more than one box of Sharpies despite the coupon saying 1.  I sent Adam right away to grap a few more boxes.  I was not greedy, and only got 4 boxes and 2 packs of the expo markers.  I was happy once again with Office Max.  They do need to watch their deals though.  They also had pencils bundled up with rubber bands by the register in groups of 12 and said 5 cents.  I was excited and asked if there was a limit on the bundles, when the cashier said it was confusing but they are 5 cents a pencil. I threw them back at that point.  I do not like deceptive advertising.

Here are 5 plastic binders I got for $1.  I know these won't last forever, but I can use them for different groups this year.  I wish I had taken a better picture of the small roll on top of the black binder.  It is a roll of Washi tape with bikes on it.  I love bikes so I had to get it.  There is also 1 of 2 bottles of glue I got.  They advertised these 10 cents for 10, then changed it to 2 bottles in store claiming an error in the advertisement.

This is the staples haul.  I have double the limits since Adam helped me out.  I got 4 packs of index cards, 4 packs of bic pens, 4 packs of papermate pens, 2 packs of mechanical pencils, 4 packs of pencil erasers, and black and gold notebooks (Go Bears!)  I also picked up a nice pink folder for myself and a cute small notebook with bikes on it.

On Saturday my husband took me to do a little shopping after lunch for my birthday.  I got a super cute notebook from Curlygirl designs.  It has a girl on a bike and a quote about having a tiara!  I also got a cute owl pen that flaps its wings when you write.  The small pink package is a bunch of animal Post-it type flags that included an owl.  I also got a few stickers with my favorite quote "Be the Change you wish to see in the world." I got another bike/quote to hang up in my room as well.  I rounded this trip out with wooden clips that have owls.  I might put magnets on this to use by my desk.  I love the store these are from.   It is a cute little boutique!  I picked up a few gifts for later in the summer as well!

Here I am with my super long receipt from Office Max.  She had to ring each item up individually .  So all 25 or so folders are their own lines.  I love back to school shopping!

Join up and share your piles :-).  I might have to add a few more of mine tomorrow.  I have a book pile at home I could take a picture of.  I might also get into my classroom tomorrow.


  1. I haven't hit up any stores for supplies yet... just STUFF!

    Love your piles that can fit on a chair! ;)

    Thanks for linking up and showing them off!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

  2. I hop you win! Did you know that you can write on the desks with the expo markers? Get the expo wipes and they come clean!!!! I did it last year and the kiddos LOVED writing on their desks. So just incase *but fingers crossed* you do not win...you have back ups!

    Also, I really like your blog. I am a Minnesota education blogger as well and LOVE the way you think. Are you going to the meet up next week? Anyway, because of this I nominated you for a Leibster Award. It is an award designed to recognize the hard work of new bloggers who do amazing work but might not have the followers that other blogs have. I think you are one of those bloggers who deserve the nod. For more information and how to accept head on over to my blog at
    Leaping Liebster Awards I Accept