Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Room Updates

First things first I am in a contest to win free Idea Paint for my classroom.  This is amazing paint that turns any surface into a white board!  I can't wait to tackle my table and a few other spaces in my room.  I am guessing the kids will flip when I tell them they can write on the walls or furniture!  To win I need Facebook likes. If you would please:

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I went into school to see how things were coming along in my new room and I was amazed! When I left for the summer there was a big black tube/door that led to an old photo developing room.  It was hard to be in my room and not look at it.  At first there were concerns about getting rid of it since a new school code door would have to be purchased and those are pricey.  We also were not sure of the damage the installation had caused to the floors and walls.  Today though I walked it and it was gone!  Along with being gone all of the equipment previously in it was gone!  The floor for the most part was perfect as well where it once had a metal ring on it supporting the door.  A small welcome mat time rug will cover and imperfections.  The custodians also were prepping the floor in my room for stripping and waxing.  The floor already looked a million times better as well.  I have amazing custodians in my building!  I really need to think of a gift for them at the start of the year. I know they will probably never read this, but a HUGE thank you to Terry, Jay, and Rueben!

Care to take a look at more before pictures of my room?  Keep on reading :-)

A ton of my supplies on the wall on the hallway side.  You can see all of my drawers and cabinets!  At the end of the counter is a sink.  This is the only bulletin board in the room currently.

 Here is more of my classroom supplies.  We had many people moving in the building so we had some interesting boxes to pack in.  You can see my beautiful pink containers from the Container Store.  I am hoping to paint this wall.  My awesome head custodian took down a bunch of brackets from old screens and patched all the holes in the wall.   YAH!  I am so happy my cabinets are gray so it goes with anything :-).  Many rooms in my building have 70's colored cabinets and closets.
The end of my cabinet going into the hallway.  All of my furniture and a bit more of my teaching materials are in the hallway.  Looking forward to moving my bookshelves into the new space.

This is the door and the only wall without permanent furniture on it currently.  I will probably put 2 book shelves here.  I love all of the outlets!  I might have to put a lamp here as well.

Lonely pencil sharpener on the wall.  I will probably take this down since I don't like this style.

Door number 2 in my room that leads out to the district copy center.  I am super close for copies!  I am excited because our copy center para will make a great neighbor :-)  You can see the phone as well.  I am not sure if I am going to leave it there or get a longer cord so I can move my desk elsewhere in the room.

 This is the front wall.  The whiteboard needs some attention, it should clean right up.  The blue at the top was a previous paint application that at one point for some reason was covered up with boards.  We took the boards down so my Smartboard could easily go up and not be in danger of coming down off the wall.  I can't wait for my Smartboard to be installed, I am glad it got to move with me.

 More of my whiteboard and showing where the Smartboard will be.
 Here you can see the chalkboard in the room.  I am going to use chalk markers on it to make it look like all of the retro chalk decorations going around.  I love that I have the real deal. I am hoping they don't install my Smartboard controls over it. I am not quite sure where they are going to be able to put these.
 On this wall you can see door number 3 that goes out to a garage area.  It will be nice during a fire drill since we are the only class going out this door and the garage.  I can also pull my car in if needed and unload easily into my clssroom! :-)  The open door in this picture used to be enclosed.  Now you can't even tell.  It is an awesome space through there.  You can also see my glass cabinet.  I will love fixing things up for that.  Currently it is just holding junk, but that will not be staying there.

 I have a closet in the main room as well.  On the inside are shelves and a nice place to hang coats in the winter.  I share my room with a few other adults so it will be nice to have tons of room in the closet.  I need to paint this wall for sure since you can see where a bookshelf used to be.
 Here is the "secret room" I have taught in this building for years and did not know this room had an addition.  This used to be the storage room before we needed the space so I have not been in the room much.  You can see the wall of closets in here!  It is about 2 big closets wide.  It does not have much light, but they did replace the bulbs in the regular fixtures.  Being a dark room it has red lights as well, which used to be the only ones that worked.  I am excited to have this room!
 This is another look inside this room, showing the space for a table or desk. I might put my 2 bookshelves back here as well.  I do not want to lose them in case I get moved again in the future :-).  I will not really need them with all of this space.  You can see the counters at the end.
 This is another picture of the additional room, which I should come up with a name for, you can how long the room is and the cabinets at the other end.
 The last picture is the 4th wall with upper and lower cabinets.   It has a sink, but we won't be using it at all. The ceiling panel that is damaged will be replaced.
 Here is a picture of the addition looking out the door to the room.  Again the ceiling tiles will be replaced.
I can't wait to be feeling well enough to tackle this.  I might have to a weekend party with friends to get everything done.  I am not sure when I will feel up to painting things on my own.


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