Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Monday....What Am I Reading?

It is Monday and it is time to share what I am reading this week.  It has been an insanely busy week as I wrap up the last week of color guard, but I am proud to say I did manage to read a book of my own along with some books with my kids.

At home I am on my second book in an adult series.  I started the first when I was on the band trip this weekend and finished it quickly.  I was sad to not have wifi to get the next book on my kindle.

At school I am still reading Wonder with my students.  We just started the section for Justin today.  The kids seem to really be getting into things.  I love hearing them talk about their experiences in comparison to the characters' experiences.

I also finished the first book in the Mal and Chad series this week with a student.  We laughed a lot and got right into reading the second book.  We also started Squish book #1.  This is a great graphic novel for my kids in 7th grade science for sure!

Now to get together a list of books to buy at the Barnes and Noble educator days at our local store.

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