Saturday, June 29, 2013

Five for Friday (belated)

1.  It has been a rough week for my back this week.  I had an MRI done on Monday where somehow I survived holding still in that tiny tube.  I think my years of being around percussion and the marching band helped to handle all the banging. I have 2 protruding discs and am now waiting for an appointment with neurology.  I am hoping to get in sooner then they were able to schedule me.  I felt better a few days this week and now I am having a lot of muscle spasms on my right side.

2. Skyping!  This week my summer school had the chance to Skype another summer school class.  We had the chance to play mystery states with them.  My class had a blast, even if it took us all 10 clues to figure out their state with North Dakota, even if they are right next door to us state wise :-).
A big thanks to: @amybraddock

3. Field Trip Day!  On Friday this week we headed to a local park.  It has a zoo that has animals native to Minnesota!  Our favorite animals had to be the otters, bobcat, and porcupines.  We were able to see the bobcat fed.  He was having steak for lunch.

4. Rochesterfest!  This week is the big festival in town.  Last night was the parade that the band I work with marched in.  I unfortunately spent the night waiting back at camp due to being in back.leg pain.   I also missed out on competing at the Rochesterfest Tri last weekend.  I did have fun volunteering helping people transition from bike to run.  I also watched Adam complete another successful Tri.  

5.  I have been using Wonderopolis in my classroom the past 2 weeks.  My students love it!  It is great for reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.  We signed up for Camp Woner-a-lot and I got a cool welcome kit in the mail for free!

Wonderopolis from NCFL on Vimeo.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your back! I hope you're able to get it taken care of soon!

    Carolina Teacher