Sunday, July 7, 2013

Define your moment: 30 Goals Challenge- Goal 1

This morning I came across the 30 goal challenge for educators.  I immediately was interested in this idea.  I searched for my information and read about all of the transformation this had prompted in teachers.  It helped them to develop more as teachers and regain passion in their work.  This year is a year of lots of rebuilding in my classroom and program already, so it is a perfect time to set goals and realign my teaching to meet the goals I have.

The first prompt was This is my moment...

I answered that prompt with the following:

This is my moment to establish my new classroom space to promote innovative teaching practices that help inspire my students to reach their goals in relation to academics and beyond. I want to connect with the teams I work with on a more regular basis to benefit myself and students.  I want to use technology as far as I can push it to transform schooling for my students into something they can readily access and contribute to.

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  1. Thank you for joining the challenge! Gave me a chance to discover your awesome blog! I like the way you've defined your moment. Now to read your other goals :-)