Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It 7/1

This is a project from last week when my back was feeling better.  I saw in in a blog the week before and knew I had to make one for my room.  It was fun shopping at Hobby Lobby picking out black and gold ribbon.  I then cut all of the rolls up and tied the pieces individually onto a length of rope.
It will be perfect for my door or a place on my wall to share pictures and new of Byron Bears.  Our colors are black and gold so this has perfect spirit for the beginning of the year!

I apologize if I am blogging more then usual the next few weeks.  I am on modified bed rest for a protruding disk, especially while waiting to see the pain clinic.  I am anxious to work on classroom stuff, but since I am moving classrooms the majority of my stuff is packed up.  I have been spending my time researching and planning for next school year.  My room may be a mess when I get back, but I will be one of the most organized teachers there as far as curriculum and data keeping.

Happy Monday!

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