Saturday, July 20, 2013

Optimum Organization

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This week I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to organize my books.  I love books and I am constantly looking for more to add to my classroom collection. I want my books to be organized and easy to access.  Right now they are organized by Lexile.  My students don't always look for books by Lexile, but it lets me easily recommend books.  The books are color coded to Lexile bands, so I can say hey you should pick out a white dot book.  This helps the kids not pick things to hard or to easy.  This year I am moving classrooms, so it has given me an excuse to see if there are better ways to organize it.

Here are is a before picutre:
I have two bookshelves this sizes filled with books, another bookshelf with nonfiction reads, and a bookshelf where I keep brand new books and books that I have purchased specially.  I am thinking this year of breaking things down into genres and series.  How do you keep yours?

This site has awesome ideas: 


  1. I haven't yet decided how to organize my middle school books. It is a different ballpark for us. I have low bookshelves so I could stack them if I wanted but I noticed that the kids prefer them on the floor in the reading area so that they can grab one from a bean bag, etc. I don't have enough nonfiction books yet to make that it's own section so I usually just shove them in wherever (although I do try to keep the series of books together and all of my manga books together).

    Keep me posted on what you decide! Can't wait to see!

  2. I made them move my bookshelves from my old room, even though my new room has tons of storage. The storage in the new room is all closed though, and the books have to be in view or they aren't going to be looked at and read. Most of my nonfiction has come in the way of easy readers I have found at Saver's. I have a couple old world record books I bought at the Library's sale and the love those despite them being a few years old. I will definitely share mine when I am all done. My kids love Graphic Novels, we have enjoyed Mal and Chad, Bones, Squish, and Amulet.

  3. ***Sidenote***LOL ^^^ Amber^^^ Before I read the last sentence of your comment I thought you were signing it of as Amulet rather than Amber.

    I have books in my middle school math classroom because of Advisory (homeroom) where we do some individual reading time. I am deciding if I want to just put them on the bookshelf or if I want to get bins for them and organize them by genre.

    Who am I kidding, Just typing the word "bins" made me want to go to Big Lots.
    Thanks for sharing
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